I love lighting that is unique and captures the imagination. Inspired by vintage styles, yet imitating the looks of today, are what my lamps are about. Giving a room the focal point it deserves while staying original.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Turn-a-bout is fair play Pottery Barn!

After seeing Pottery Barn's version of the canning jar chandelier, I had a client request some changes. So I thought, why not!?!? If Pottery Barn can take my idea, why can't I mimic them. My client wanted a smaller canopy, three true vintage jars, blue jars and a specific drop length. Now Pottery Barn's not going to do that for you. So here it is. I really like how this looks and can easily visualize it in a cottage or country home. But, if you don't like blue, I'm also introducing a clear canning jar chandelier that has lots of sparkle.

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