I love lighting that is unique and captures the imagination. Inspired by vintage styles, yet imitating the looks of today, are what my lamps are about. Giving a room the focal point it deserves while staying original.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How much light is needed?

Many times people ask me 'how much light do I need'? And I'm sure there is a scientific answer, but to me the question is so personal that I can't answer it.
Not only do you have the number of windows in the room, you have to think of the other lights you might be using, i.e. table and floor lamps. Also, how do you intend on using the room? Viewing TV in a brightly lit room, is not very pleasing to me, but either is trying to do a task without enough light. So, again it becomes a personal choice.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fashion Designer's Choice

Clothing designer, jodi arnold, prepares for the opening of her second store location, this time in Brooklyn, NY. Chosen for its traditional styling to marry with the building's architectural elements, jodi selected the schoolhouse globe pendants to furnish her shop.
Jodi's design style has been snatched up by 'The Limited'. Here's what Jodi says about her work. "My design voice has always been inspired by my love of prints, patterns, and creating unique twists that are unexpected yet at the same time very wearable. I have done the same for The Limited but now at a price point that makes it more affordable to a broader audience."
If you'd like to see more of jodi arnold's design, visit her at

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Yes you CAN ning JAR Light

Enjoyed by many for the rustic or country home, this unique use of glass vintage canning jars is so fun and fresh. Highlighted with the original wire bale, each canning jar has its own brand name. Using the blue tinted jars adds another element to the lighting.